Pickleball could be the sports world’s worst name! However, once you try your hand at it, we guarantee, you will think it’s one of the world’s best sports!    Golf has its challenges and tennis will keep you fit, but Pickleball played at the social level we play it here at Palm Aire will undoubtedly be the most fun. Come watch us and witness the good times and playful banter.  This will help you understand why this sport has become so popular.

As a sport, Pickleball combines elements of tennis (with a shorter, smaller net), Ping-Pong (the wooden or composite paddles are larger, but the ball is plastic and gives that familiar pop when struck) and badminton (serving and scoring are similar, as is the court size). Pickleball has become a favorite of retirees and is rapidly becoming the fastest growing sport in the nation.

Pickleball is the rare sport that can be played competitively from elementary school age to great-grandparenthood. Part of Pickleball’s appeal is its speedy learning curve. Nearly everyone will feel comfortable playing with others after their first introduction to the game. It’s a perfect sport for people who still want to stay active in the golden years.

Here at Palm Aire Country Club, Pickleball is scheduled weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. - 10 a.m.  during the season.  Summer hours may vary, so during the summer months, check with the tennis pro shop for times of play.  No need to make any special preparations.  Just show up wearing some good tennis shoes, and we will ease you into the game!

For more information please contact Bill Wachter at 612-237-3408 or wm.wach@gmail.com
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